The TBA-SA events are all about ONE 'rules style' - Muay Thai!

Not K-1, Not Kickboxing, Not Glory Rules. Straight up MUAY THAI!

The Science of Eight Limbs.

ALL divisions utilize ALL 'eight limbs' - punches, kicks, knees & elbows. Novice divisions are modified, allowing elbows to the body only. Class A, B and Open divisions use padded elbows.

In the Class A championship bouts at the Revgear Tournament of Champions, the fighters will be invited to perform the Wai Kru and will compete in full 5 round title fights with only elbow padding. No shin guards. No Head Gear. (Elimination bouts are 3 rounds)

Class C and Class B fighters will compete in 3 round title fights and be awarded a custom Revgear tournament belt. (Elimination bouts are 3 rounds)

Please visit the rules page for more information. www.tbasanctioning.org

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